We have a footwear partner

New year is here as also some good news.
The first one is we have a new partnership.
Maria Maleta is based in friendship. Two best friends decided to have a business together and tchan tchan…..Maria Maleta was born. Now, we decide to share the same concept with other brands and embrace old friendships.
Cheese without ham, milk without cereals or cocktails without olives, doesn’t make sense, as also bags without shoes.
Yes, that ´s it. We have a Footwear partner, which is also our longtime friend. We think everything with friends sounds better. So, ladies and gentleman’s,  let us introduce Weekend Barber.:)
And some more news are coming but just only now the year has begun, so let’s wait for it!  


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Small leather goods made in Portugal with Love. 

The best friends accessories for you shoes and the perfect minimal card holder.