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Maria Maleta is a Portuguese company from Porto created in 2013 by two best friends, Ana Neto and Daniela Marques. This brand of contemporary handbags relies on the quality of their raw materials and also on the versatility of their concepts. It is not lead by seasonable collections neither fashion tendencies built by opinion makers.
 “We believe that the quality of the raw materials we use (real leather) linked to a good design are the key factors for a timeless product. We work on our designs always exploring different textures and colours. Therefore we think that none of our collections is outdated.”
 Each and every product unveils a unique design with two different sides dealing with a variety of textures and colours. The concept and the storytelling of the brand underlines the identity of Maria Maleta in each manufactured product, avoiding any resemblance with other labels on the market.
"A woman has always two sides. If in one hand, they are rational, determined and courageous, on the other hand, they are sweet, sensible and passionate; however, both have a force that shakes the World."
 The fact that the label was founded based in a strong friendship built over time, inspired us to take that same values of complicity and commitment to Maria Maleta. Of course, we have countless references that influence the way we create our products and drive the progression of the brand.


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